Sunday, June 3, 2012

Art of Time 2012

Welcome to the first annual art exhibit at The Communal Time Machine!  We got some good stuff this year.  In no particular order...

1. Michael Vincent: What Time is it There?
     Music - Post-Classical, Minimalist
What Time is it There? explores the feeling of being in one time zone, while a loved one is in another time zone. It is written for those who have experienced the strange sensation of talking with someone over the telephone, while it is dawn for one, and dusk for another. 

The piece includes piano, organ and marimba, and loosely inspired by the contrasting polyrhythms found in Pierre Boulez’s Répons and Sur Incises.

2. Adam Sukhia: The Littlest Wave

Regarding time and the end thereof. 

The Littlest Wave

I dreamt the world was ending.
In the living room of my childhood home
I was on the phone with you.
I saw the city in the distance
I saw a wave of water seep through
the wall and cover the carpet,
and more waves in the distance
swallowing the city.
I told you I love you.
There is nothing else to say
when you are waiting
to be swept away.
Except maybe I am sorry
for anything I have ever done.
Except maybe
we will meet again,
even if you are not so sure you will.

The deer on the highway are staring,
horns on the cement propping
their gaping mouths to face the rushing traffic.
Three of them all in a row.
Death finds us this way sometimes.
The deer in my grandpa’s backyard
eating from his garden,
the fences and wire and all the hours
to stop them,
the deer bloodied in the streets
I drive past,
more with each new day.

This is a falling.
Standing in the hospice room,
“sometimes they hold on
until you say goodbye”

Time breaks open
like skin against glass.

This time, time is open,

If we could fall,
faceless racing past glass.

Skin breaks.

Time, in a hospice room.


In a room
everything breaks,

There will be no way to end this.
I will take the wire
off the garden for you.
I will watch the deer eat,
until we are falling again,
watching this water carry us away.

Time, is a skin, made to open.
I see the deer on the street,
their glassy eyes
looking at me
as if to say,
this will become you,
or maybe just,
thank you,
for taking the
Off the garden.

3. Jason Hewitt: Tear Drop Time Machine
     Digital Illustration

4. Alfred Brown: Be Still
     Music - Neo-Futurist, Pause & Affect

A command for the waves; time itself obeys.

This piece was accomplished by reversing and slowing down a choral sample and adding lush reverberance to alter time and space.

5. John Valenti and Haoran Li : Traveling in Place
     Film - Animation with soundtrack

A wormhole approached me in the street one day...

Traveling In Place from John Valenti on Vimeo.

6. Remote Viewer (Ryan  Anderson): time doesn't pass, it moves away slowly
     Music - Ambient

A brief soundtrack to the Moberly–Jourdain incident.

7. Japan's T2K Experiment: A Neutrino Event
     Digital visual rendering of oscillating neutrinos

The main goal of the Tokai to Kamioka particle physics experiments (T2K) is to measure the oscillation of ν
to ν
and to measure the value of
θ13, one of the parameters of the Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix.