Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Let me start by telling you a little bit about my vision for this sight.  The hope is to eventually build a working, honest-to-goodness time machine, yes, but that is years away still.  In the meanwhile I want to foster a community that is centered around the sharing of ideas regarding time travel.  You don't have to be an expert on the subject (although experts are excitedly welcomed to share their knowledge!), just an enthusiast who wants to be part of the group.

Let's lay some basic ground rules for the machine itself.  It must be able to travel both forward and backward through time, so we're talking about more than just flying really, really fast.  It may be some sort of vehicle that moves through space, or it may be some kind of device that opens a so-called "gateway" at a fixed point in space.  It must be able to use a power source that is available to humanity right now - none of this Leonardo  da Vinci helicopter nonsense.  In short, it has to work and it has to be possible to build it.

The idea is to actually get this thing built at some point so while new ideas are always welcome, let's try to eventually come up with a plausible theory and then work together to refine a single design.  In all likelihood we'll probably have multiple designs going on at once.  That could work too, but either way, let's stay focused.  Eventually we'll get more into the nitty gritty of building materials and methods etc., but at first, let's not limit our imaginations. 

I also want to expand this beyond the designing and building of the machine.  I welcome submissions of artwork that is inspired by time machines or time travel.  This could be visual art, poetry, story, music, performance, film, installation, whatever.  We can also host conversations about current events as they relate to time travel, new developments in the field of quantum physics, favorite fictional time machines, or anything else that's relevant and interesting. 

So let's start a community!

Feel free to comment, but please submit any new topics / potential posts (including photos, links, video, audio, etc.) to The Communal Time Machine Blog.

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