Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time for Art

Okay, people.  It's time to shift a little more over to our right brains for a bit here.  Less cold logic, more symbol interpretation.  This is a call for submissions for artwork of any kind that can be presented on this webpage; visual art, sound art, word art, performance art, whatever.  I don't care what the medium or materials are.  The only stipulation is that it needs to have something to do with time travel or time machines  or even just time in general.  Maybe there will be a prizes, maybe not.  Alright, probably not.  But I won't rule it out.  The deadline for submissions is, let's say, February 8.  That gives you all roughly five weeks to crank out the arts.  All submissions will be posted on the blog so please include your name, a title for the piece, and if you desire, some kind of brief statement about it.  And…..  GO!